Girls Club


Club teams at Texas Tornados follow a flow from Adidas (1st), to National (2nd), to Black (3rd), to Pink (4th). TTVB has been blessed with exceptional coaching, unrivaled training, and a talent-rich area in Suburban Northwest Houston. Our Adidas teams are typically among the Top 3 teams in the city in their age group, our National teams typically Top 10, and our Black teams are usually Top 25 and many times superior to other clubs' top teams.

All Adidas and National teams play a full national travel schedule, and teams at both levels have qualified for USAV Nationals in recent years. Black teams may play a national or regional schedule, based upon the talent depth in the age group at the club. All teams of similar capability regularly train together, and it's common for our Black teams to push our National teams, and our National teams to push our Black teams. Because of the talent depth and pace of growth from individual players, it's not uncommon to see players move from our Black teams to Adidas teams within their career at TTVB.


Tryouts are typically in early July, and dates may vary based on the end of the Girls' Junior National Championships. We highly recommend you be present for your age group tryouts to ensure accurate team placement.

We offer four team levels:

  • Local teams that compete in the greater Houston area
  • Semi-Travel teams that compete locally and in-state only
  • Travel teams that compete locally, in-state and out-of-state
  • National teams that compete locally, in-state, out-of-state, and nationally

There is a non-refundable $65.00 tryout fee for pre-registered players . The tryout fee is $75.00 for walk-ups and $120.00 for private evaluations.


TTVB offers options for players to raise money for club fees throughout the season. These fundraising opportunities are open to everyone and include both individual and club scholarship options.

AIM Fundraising - Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough 40% of your individual sales will go towards your club dues
Serve-A-Thon 90% of donations to you will go towards your club dues
Bingo 100% of monies raised (minus costs) will go toward our club scholarship fund
Fanatix Photography 10% of sales will go toward our club scholarship fund
Parking Spaces Auction 100% of monies raised will go toward our club scholarship fund
Shrunk3D 20% of sales will go toward our club scholarship fund


TTVB offers a Work Program for all parents and players over 15 years old. The program allows individuals to work at TTVB facilities and have those hours count as credits toward a player's fees. Individuals can work as little as one hour or as many as is available. Although, weekend shifts may require you to work a set number of hours.

Tornados Policy: 

BE EARLY: Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for traffic, parking & check-ins.

BE COMMITTED: Please understand that you are committing to the program. If there is an emergency, you must contact Tiffani Mayes  at (346-332-8013) ASAP. 

BE HAPPY: Please be exciting, engaging, helpful and professional during the entirety of the event. Please represent yourself & Tornados to your fullest ability by no talking/texting on your phone, and not eating unless on break!



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